The Girl I Am Now: A Collection of Short Stories

The book is broken up into chapters. There are nine stories that tell the tale of love, loss, and new beginnings.Chapter 1: “Change Is Just Around the Corner.” Elizabeth, an aspiring writer, finds herself in a dead-end job. It was going nowhere, and she was fed up. Knowing that she had to make a change, she dared to step out of her comfort zone. Little did she know that not only her job would change.Chapter 2: “The Forgotten Landline.” Bradley, single and happy, gets the call that changes his whole life. Without realizing it, his life changed directions just by answering a call on a phone that he forgot that he had.Chapter 3: “The Way Things Used to Be.” Trish Jordan was in the process of helping her mom when life changed before her eyes. She found more than what she bargained for. It all started with a handicap ramp.Chapter 4: “The Perfect Recipe.” Two people meet in a cooking class. They find the right recipe to make a wonderful life together. One recipe, one man, and one woman—sometimes, life is so simple.Chapter 5: “New York Bound.” Consumed by the same dream night after night, Trish finds that the future is not so far away. The events in her life change the way that she looks at life.Chapter 6: “Under the Right Conditions.” Joel, the quiet cowboy, learns that he no longer wants to be alone after meeting the woman of his dreams. Sheila changed his life without even doing a thing. Leave it to a horse to make changes in someone's life.Chapter 7: “Rebel without a Cause.” Tasha, the unlucky girl, could never catch a break. She gets the dream job, and her life goes into a tailspin.Chapter 8: “The Right Destination.” Clara and Ted learn that life together is much better than being single.Chapter 9: “Time for a Change.” Marcus and Caroline weren't perfect together, and they found out quickly that they would not be together long. After relocating, she gets her life in order.

by Tracy Anne Hutchinson

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