The Government is Not Free: Putting America Back Into America

Do you agree that our government is interfering in our everyday life when it comes to our education, health care, retirement, income, and some social issues, such as racism, gun control, immigration, and the way we vote? This book will give you some ideas how we can transfer government responsibilities to personal responsibilities. When we as American citizens have more control of our own lives as I mentioned above, we all will be better off. America was started as the country of freedoms.

This book will give you some ideas how to have more control of your retirement, more control of your health care, more control of your education. Will give you some ideas to correct immigration, try to solve racism that has plagued this country for a long time. Some ideas on how we can change the way we vote for presidential elections. The main reason that our government does not work today is too many conflicts that occur when they are getting into too much of our lives. I hope this book can show how to be more profitable when you can make your own individual decisions and not the government intruding. Also, hopefully, it gives you more of an idea what kind of person to vote for to meet your individual needs as an American citizen.

by Gregory Smith

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