The Great Divide: Prosperity or Ignorance

A word fitly spoken is like apples in pictures of silver (Proverbs 25:11 KJV).

The Sunday school is a religious educational resource that addresses not just faith but cultural and educational aspects in the black context. It is important because it reclaims the importance of an educational aid and cultural resource to contemporary young people. Due to prosperity, technology, and the passing of laws, educational opportunities are available to all. One now has the opportunity to be whatever their heart desires with proper training and education. The Sunday school no longer has the significance it once had in a Christian's life.

This book explores the entelechy or philosophy of the potential of the Sunday school as a praxis or way of life for its potentials of exploring culture and history well enough to be a guide for young people and children through life. It will also be explored for its principles and goals that can be accomplished by a Christian. Sunday school is a tool to help someone fear and love God, give virtue and insight grounded in a Christian education as it allows a learner to reflect on their life.

by Diann Holmes Davis

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