The Gypsy Chronicles: When The Mind Goes All That's Left to Use is the Body

The Gypsy Chronicles is the beginning of our adventure with the Gypsy and Chasey. The Gypsy is an asexual male prostitute who meets Chasey after his arrival to the town in which she has grown up. He meets many good people and begins some wonderful relationships with them. He also has some encounters with some unsavory locals that push his limits. He and Chasey form a close relationship, and by doing so, Chasey is able to get the Gypsy to stop turning tricks. Her love for him even allows her to get him to stop using his meds before they kill him. Because of current and past tensions, not only of the Gypsy's but also of Chasey's, they decide to start a life together elsewhere. As the two of them are getting ready to leave town to start their life together, tragedy strikes. Only Chasey's love for the Gypsy allows her to find him again and finally start their life together as one.

by Artoollious

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