The Halloween Warriors - Part 9 & 10

Part 9 of the Halloween Warriors describes how the beings and the creatures of evil seized the industrialized cities again in a mysterious way, forcing the beings of goodness to travel to the sacred lands, to find solutions from the god of the divine cults. The god of the divine cults provides them with a powerful amulet that will free their territories from the beings of evil, bringing as consequences, the loss of William.

Part 10 of the Halloween Warriors is the part of the story that describes the return of the beings of goodness. In the search for William, each warrior is caught in the mysteries of their journey, but in the end they are rescued with the effort of all the beings of the divine cults. The Halloween Warriors part 9 and 10 is the continuation to the Halloween Warriors part 4 and 5.

by Esteban Vazquez

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