The Handkerchief & Other Short Stories

The Handkerchief and Other Short Stories is a collection of unique tales portraying human values from east to west, interwoven with innocence and pure love. The setting for most of the stories is in rural India, featuring encounters in the everyday lives of people and places.The author depicts the lives of women, men, and children, their joy and frustration, failure and triumph, through vivid imagery of life through simple storytelling as real as it gets.An intriguing story of a handkerchief lost and found by a monkey; the eternal bond reflecting love between a daughter and her father involving a red bindi; a pricey necklace saved inside a rice sack to fool the thief; the excitement of encountering an owl in two different places; a heartwarming story of two young girls and a “good” ghost on the top of a banyan tree; a mother finding a letter under the pillow of her daughter revealing her past; the tedious, painstaking process for adopting a daughter; the story of beloved Goldie, a golden retriever; a son's motive to kill an overbearing father; a teen daughter's quest of getting a boyfriend; and much more—all described in simple storytelling technique takes the reader to a different world, touching hearts every step of the way.

by Sulakshana Sen

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