The Hands of the Children

Bound together by ancient magic since they were children. Kenjo and Vallarya have dreamed of making the world a better place as heroes. But their decisions quickly lead to them discovering that their home nation of Samil isn't as welcoming to those dreams as they once thought. Forced west across the sea to the nation of Zell, at his parents lead, they seek a new home. A place to be free to follow their dreams. Unaware of the growing tensions around the world and the looming threat set to engulf all who live in it.

Back in Samil a young woman named Jasmine is sent to investigate a threat to Samil's safety. A possible rebellion growing right underneath the king's nose. Finally catching a break, she immediately hits a snag: Sleeve. A man who threatens to challenge everything she believes in and the very ideals of the nation she swore to protect.

by Jose Osborn

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