The Haunting of Brentwood Park

In the latter part of the 1800s, settlers settle in a remote area that is now called Simi Valley, California. An old Indian tribe curses the settlers for taking over their precious land and kill almost all of them. No one knows for sure if any of the tribe survived. The curse remains dormant in the small area for over one hundred years until something sets it off.

In the present, the quiet town of Simi Valley all seems fine until things start happening over at Brentwood Park. The Simi Valley Paranormal Society decides to investigate. The night of the investigation, all hell breaks loose. People start dying as the neighborhood, and Brentwood Park gets destroyed as the curse fully awakens wreaking havoc.

The Simi Valley Paranormal Society is unsure how to stop as they look around a bunch of tunnels while trying to communicate with a police officer. He tries to help them any way he can.

Will the Simi Valley Paranormal Society put an end to the curse? This is the first book of the Haunting of Brentwood Park Trilogy . . .

by Michael Childers

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