The Hidden Secrets of The Book of Revelation and The Book of Daniel Revealed

The book of Revelation and the book of Daniel are books of prophecy. Prophecy is history written advance for the end-times, the last days of human government on the earth, the twentieth, century and beyond.

I went to the hospital for a triple bypass and a blood clot on the brain. Three months later I was sent home, then I realized that I lost my ability to read and write. This happened in 2009.

I had good knowledge of the Bible and the book of Revelation. With the help of my nine-year-old granddaughter, I started the relearning process with the book of Revelation. After three years, I could read about second-grade level. I also spent a lot of time reading the book of Daniel chapter 7.

Daniel had many dreams and visions. In this case, he saw four animals come out of the sea: The first was like a lion, which represented England, and it had eagle's wings on its back that were plucked. This was the United States becoming free from English rule. This event happened in 1776; Daniel saw it in 561 BC.

I was also studying the book of Revelation as being the events of the 1900s.

At the same time, the late Irvine Baxter was teaching chapter 8 of the book of Revelation. He talked about oil well fires, nuclear plant explosion, the first Gulf War, and many other events that were happening.

I sent the papers I had to end-time ministries, hoping they could use them. I received no replies. A short time later I sent a copy of papers to Sid Roth—It's Supernatural. They replied with a thank-you letter. This occurred in August 2019. I wanted someone to finish the project.

I couldn't stop, for God kept revealing hidden secrets to me.

by Robert Wayne

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