The Hole....In a Circle

My Love To the Young One in my son and his seeds To the Old Ones that lived life and witnessed my son's deeds In his life to have a part of Me to cherish Indeed A Legacy throughout the generations At Last but not Least Which was formed before him and through him and after him you see A Love that will last a lifetime, which is Infinity for me To a love that has blessed my life in so many ways A New meaning of Life and to be thankful in Grace For the Good and the Bad to triumphantly walk through my journey A Newness that's within and That's innocent to the nature of No Clues burning I'm okay now! That I'm clueless of what Life may bring Through You or to Me Like Dreams in my sleep at night, that tormentingly hurts, Truly! A mystery and definitions of the Lord Almighty Ruling Yes, he created you, too, as an image of Him in Trinity, and Only through This All Yet he's worthy to be praised, as The Greatest Love of All in Eternity Is his Son, Jesus, and everything that he created, We are, too, His Beloved sons And daughters, A Righteous sign from above, My Love is a great gift like You are a Great gift that the Lord shared with Me and this world My son, you'll never be forgotten by me or your two boys or girls And thanks to you and God's Will, I joyfully receive both as well as my new baby girl! Shady AKA Shayada K. Harris

by Shayada K. Harris

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