The Intentional Drive

Many years ago, I found myself thinking about how my life was not as I had planned it to be, and I realized that I had to find a way to change it.Upon my journey, books were one of my main sources of comfort education; however, there were so many books that focused on thought process, clarity, controlling emotions, and so much more, but many of those books did not go into much detail on how to change perception.As it was, I had the idea to create and test this system with the help of family and friends.In this book, you will find this system and, in the process, hopefully discover a larger and more beautiful world on your journey as well as discover things about yourself that you never knew existed.While doing so, you will find that your dreams are worth going for no matter the cost, everyone has weaknesses that can be turned into strengths, failures lead to success, taking your mind to a whole new level creates endless expanding potential, and positive action breeds endless life possibilities.Please keep in mind that anything worthwhile is not going to happen overnight. Challenges, complications, and obstacles will occur, and going for your dreams will never be an easy path.I hope that this system will assist you in your journey and that you gain all the dreams you put action on.

by J.J. Taylor

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