The Interceptor

Marcus Moreno was born in East Los Angeles, California, to a proud, loving, tough, dope-dealing father. He was born a warrior; he had to be. He started fighting on the day he was conceived; his body was polluted with the heroin his mother shot up daily and almost killed him. He survived that and then fought the rest of his life growing up in the tough streets of East Los Angeles, delivering drugs around his neighborhood for his father by the age of ten. He was forced to grow up fast. His father, his hero, showed him how to box and martial arts to defend himself. When he was older, he witnessed his hero murdered and then got his revenge. He started his own drug dealing business, served time in the penitentiary, and then went off to kill for his country in Vietnam. In a world where hitmen are common knowledge, Marcus would become an interceptor—a hunter of hitmen. I guess you can say, a killer of killers. It was something he had never heard of before but would soon be deadly at, and that was just the beginning.

by Angel Fraijo

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