The Island Guardians : Book 1 The Gods' New Creations

The world as we know it has become so corrupt, so ugly, some of the gods have decided that the humans must be destroyed. Other gods disagree, so a great heavenly war erupts. When the war is over, the gods that choose to protect humanity came out victorious. These gods create several islands for the good and pure humans to call home.

The island Bastow is created and named after the ruler of the heavens. Once created, and the island is settled and growing, the gods realize that the outside, evil world cannot be completely shut out. So they decide to create Guardians to protect the land and its people.

And so, Ebony and Ivory are created. Paternal twins, being born of a human mother, but with eggs given by two strong and beautiful goddesses. This makes Ebony and Ivory partials: part human, part god. They grow to have great strength, power and knowledge that is needed to be the Island Guardians.

The twins face many challenges as the Island Guardians. Some of these challenges may lead to the total destruction and loss of their village, their island, or even their lives. They must use the gifts given to them by the gods to overcome and save what is most important. They must prove to be the great Guardians of the Treasured Islands.

by Kimberly Sweeney

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