The Keys to Life's Success: Overcoming All Odds

Have you ever thought about becoming successful in life? Successful as far as becoming a business owner one day? Imagine starting off working two jobs and saving one paycheck and paying your bills with the other while at the same time building your credit for a few years to boost your credit score to about 700. Now picture yourself getting a loan from some type of lender or bank with the credit you have established over those couple of years with collateral put up in a business bank account before you finally open up a legitimate business of your own! All the odds you've overcome were worth all the hard work you've put in over the years, weren't they? Well, that's what you will enjoy about this book, The Keys to Life's Success: Overcoming All Odds. This first-time author pieced together his own plan for becoming successful in life. I hope you enjoy reading it, and please utilize this valuable book to help you become successful as well. I wish you well on your journey to prosperity!

by Tony Curtis Franklin Jr.

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