The Land of Witches

This story is about a beautiful witch who is different and has to prove to herself and to others that being different is okay. She goes to a dreadful village of hags and warlocks, and she's not there to start any trouble, but because she is different she is seen as a threat by all the others.

The young witch is so pretty that the old hags don't think that she can compete with their magic and they challenge her to all sorts of duels, which they will soon learn the young witch has no problem defeating.

The ghosts, goblins, and ogres in the village get in on the action, but no one can beat the little witch.

The old hags use all kinds of spells, turning Emily into ladybugs, snails, and the smallest creatures that they can think of to stamp her out, but it doesn't seem to work.

The great and powerful ogres use their big, strong hammers to try and destroy the little witch but fail.

The ghosts and goblins try to scare her away but fail.

A very smart and brave warlock comes up with a brilliant plan that works: The wizard leaves the village and comes back with a very handsome young warlock from another place who takes one look at Emily and falls head over heels in love with her.

Emily crowns him the most powerful wizard of the land, and she is never seen again.

by Jewell S. Claxton

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