The Land of Witches: The Sorcerer’s Dream

This book is about an act of kindness in someone's time of need. The sorcerer outwitted Emily and won the valley but when he tried to be a leader and friend he was an outcast. The little witch came to his aide, not laughing at him or belittling him, but standing by him in his time of need.

Emily never spoke a bad word of the sorcerer nor did she condemn him for crying or being afraid of the creatures that lived there, but she stepped in and gave a helping hand or spell.

One act of kindness can create a beautiful world only if we believe that. When a person is in need and if we can lift them up, then why don't we, instead of pushing them back down?

An act of kindness creates joy in another person's life that touches others near and far. Do your part.

by Jewell Claxton

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