The Landscaper: First Phase

Have you ever willingly or even secretly acted out of character and you thought no one will ever know the hidden personalities you were nourishing and portraying behind the closed curtains? Have you ever asked yourself “how could I have allowed myself to be cornered into this uncompromising position?” Have you ever asked yourself “how in heaven's name did I end up here between a rock and an even worse place?” If so, the answers to all these scenarios may surprise you. In fact, the answer to all frustrations, problems, etc. stems from the root of a measly eternal seed identified by the character one secretly or visibly portrays. Yes, you or someone you know may be responsible for nourishing and propagating characterizations of unfavorable personality traits into the gardens of society. The end result is a society harvesting identity crisis instead of creatively assigned identities! It's as simple as “whenever confusion is sown into the masses, it breeds even more chaos into the next harvest of shame and blame!” To find out even more intriguing and perplexing details about what's really going on behind the scenes of the unseen will require you and I taking a journey deep into the richest, darkest soils of your property. Buckle up and gather up all your mining gear. We're about to take a journey to find who, what, when, why, and how such seeds got there in the first place. We're about to take a journey down into the unseen depths of your property to reach the rooting systems of your annoying sequence of unfavorable events in order to excavate the answers to your reasons why your portrayed desires are on fire or as cold as ice. Welcome, you're about to enter into the world of the Landscaper! Are you ready? Let's go!

by Dion Jones

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