The Last Bite

How far would you go to protect the ones you love?

Kina Rey was an ordinary woman living quite the normal life. That is until a mysterious man shows up on her doorstep one night, telling her that what she had always believed to be true was not entirely the case. His arrival creates a chain reaction of events that will change Kina's life forever. She will be thrust into the world of supernatural beings that she had never imagined could exist. With her life flipped upside down, she has one goal—to save her family no matter what the cost is. Along the way, she will meet vampires with uncanny abilities and werewolves who believe in true love. Kina is helped by an unlikely ally, a typical tall, dark, and handsome man by the name of Gabriel, a man whose own existence is shrouded in mystery. From the West Coast to the East, Kina will find out what she is truly made of. Sacrifices will be made, bonds will be broken. Danger is present at every turn, the two unlikely heroes will fight for their lives and for each other.

by Melissa Pombo

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