The Last of the Poor Boys: An Exciting Adventure in Living 1934–to ? Mountaineers are always free!

The Last of the Poor Boys is the entertaining and exciting story of a coal mine camp boy that grew up in the “hills and hollers” of West Virginia during the early years of the twentieth Century.

Author Micky Graham elegantly tells a story starting from his humble beginnings and hard times with a deep burning desire to be all he could be. This burning desire quickly became his constant beacon to a full and successful life.

Now retired and living a happy life, Micky Graham is sharing his rich life's experiences with his readers.

His zest for life rubs off on those around him, and his humor and advice are well woven into his book.

Sit a spell, have a cup of coffee, and enjoy.

by Micky Graham "Coal Camp Boy" A West "By God" Virginian

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