The Lazy Way to a General State of Well-Being

All men are created unequal.

—John Adams, President no. 2

In this book, I describe meditation as internal peace and joy achieved by way of a high happy score. I showed that you can be in an elevated mood in a happy reality despite the inequality of society.

The principle of following and being humble to the Lord is used to train the subconscious mind to produce positive conclusions and to downplay negative outcomes by repetition of terms that have positive connotations. Cognitions are statements made during happy events so that observation of happy events takes precedence over internal arguments between the analytical mind and the subconscious mind. Christianity puts positive emotion on the side of the subconscious mind so that the analytical mind draws positive conclusions.

This book leads to a positive conclusion that serves as the start of an ill-thought needing a positive end.

The favoritism of the trained subconscious mind to positive outcomes replaces the openness of the analytical mind to both positive results and negative consequences. Although it is favoritism, the happy Christian freely surrenders his openness while victims yield their transparency to victim makers and receive adverse outcomes

Finally, just knowing about this book causes mood elevation. Reading and finishing the book will make mood elevation like breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth, and being in a bad mood will be like holding your breath.

by Larry Cooper

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