The Littles

The Littles are a beautiful collection of stories about six animal friends who are experiencing big life moments in childhood. Their stories are told in rhyme and are a wonderful read along for you and your child. Little Mouse, Little Bunny, Little Bear, Little Kitty, Little Puppy, and Petunia will find their way into your heart.

Little Mouse is a story about bedtime, providing comfort to your child for their nighttime slumber. Little Bunny will share in the excitement of your child losing their first tooth. Little Bear will remind your child of how important it is to share. Little Kitty will give a little reassurance when your child doesn't feel well because she doesn't like medicine much either.

Little Puppy will help make your child brave for the first day of school, and last but not least, Petunia will help remind you that it's okay to be unique. So grab your blanket, and snuggle up. It's time for a story!

by Emily Dahleen

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