The Loving Dead

Years ago, Drake had been terrified and felt pity for the zombies he came across, thinking they were nothing but glutinous husks. But he was wrong; zombies aren't mindless walking drones whose only purpose in life is to feast on the living. The love he feels for his crush, in his current zombified state, is more than enough evidence for Drake to prove otherwise. This year, he is going to win the heart of his precious Abbie no matter how many bullet wounds or lost limbs he receives in the process, all before Christmas Day.

Zombies are mindless, empty husks; that is a previously known and confidential fact that has been shattered over the last year. Recently, a rather-persistent zombie has left her gifts: food, hygiene supplies, clothes, and more. But she will never fall for the zombie; even if he does love her, he is still a disgusting, rotting corpse who, at the end of the day, will still crave for her flesh. So there's only one thing that Abbie can really do in this situation--either smash his brains open or fill his head with lead for her own protection.

Will Drake win over Abbie's heart? Will Abbie come to accept Drake's love and accept it with open arms? Is a relationship between the pair feasible in the first place?

by Destini Baccus

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