The Magnification Into the Body of God

This book is to bring awareness to its readers of the very serious and intricate times that confront human life today.The complications we face today are variable. Constant changes taking place and new meanings of life itself are being introduced to humanity on a grand scale. All life is precious in God's sight and should be the same according to mankind's standards of human interrelationship with each other in this world. This book underlines how a dangerous pandemic can, at any time, wipe away humanity from the face of the earth at any given moment in a year, unless Jesus intervenes by giving scientists breakthroughs to better manage this threat to our way of life. Spiritual involvement is causing the entire human community to either turn away from their wicked way of thinking and activities or to face the wrath of God head-on. I want you, as my readers, to know that there is a way out of a hell-bound destination if you would awaken from the darkness of thinking that certain remnants society has enforced upon you. Pandemics such as COVID-19 and the new world order on social injustice will not forever stand or prosper if the human race stands up and combats all the driving forces that are destroying mankind, but those who stand in front of the court of internal judgment, the bar will be raised against you in the final acknowledgement of mankind's worthiness on earth.

by Ulysses Gaither

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