The Marshmallians

One day on the Marshmallian planet, the great and intelligent robot, Talos, who was made to protect the Marshmallians from his tower on a high mountain, saw the danger. The volcanoes were erupting, and all the rivers were flooding the entire planet. He contacted the leader, Major Marshmallian, and told him they would have to evacuate. The Major then ordered his people to get to the space center as fast as possible. The Marshmallians left their planet just in time.

They traveled in space in their Omega Starship through the galaxies. Together with Major Marshmallian, Commander Marshmallian, and the great and intelligent robot, Talos, they were searching for a planet to live. They visit a few planets, and on each of those planets, they have adventures there. Later when they enter the Milky Way Galaxy, they locate a great planet. They land on planet Earth and find a place to build their new city, and on the nearest mountain high atop, they would build a tower for Talos just like the one he had on the Marshmallian planet. The Marshmallian people were very happy, especially the kids—Sierra, Kelly, Zerrar, and Jordan.

Two Marshmallians, Cornelius and Seymour, who were very bitter because their families did not make it to the space center and were left behind on the Marshmallian planet, just hate and blame the Major and the Commander and they just want to destroy them. Secretly they convinced the lab Marshmallians to create a new robot equal to Talos named Colossus to destroy Talos in order to then destroy the Major and the Commander. Once their robot was built, armed, and activated, they would go with their metal giant to the tower of Talos to get revenge. One day, the fight began, and only those who were there would know what will happen next...

by Laura Silver

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