The Mind, Heart, and Soul

Standing still

Time stands still for no one, yet some of us have our hearts come to a full stop, stuck with words that cut through the skin. It is sad how people have no remorse for their actions, forgetting that the ramifications of their actions come back as karma. I'm standing still; nothing ever goes unseen. I'm standing still because victory will be mine. I'm standing still for I am going to surpass this storm.

Unseen moments

She knows who she is and what matters to her. She doesn't forget about that because she's in a relationship. Sure, you mean the world to her, and she shows you that with every bit of love she has left in her. However, she also knows who she is without you. She doesn't lose herself in the relationship. She isn't afraid to do things on her own, and she understands that just because the two of you are a couple, it does not mean you two are one person. You each have your own identity, and she will never forget that because she showed you love in little moments, moments that you thought weren't big enough to mean something. For her, those little moments meant everything. You took her for granted. You took her for granted simply because you believed that there are plenty of other fishes in the sea. Maybe you don't see it now, but in time, reality will set in; and you will taste the loneliness slowly morphing into a cold, invisible figure whose hands you don't want to be wrapped around. You will conclude that those intimate exclusive moments can never give you the love she had to offer. She showed love in ways you took for granted, ways that you'll appreciate when she is no longer at your arm's reach.

by Irma Valentin

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