The Misadventures of the Broccoli Gang : In the Mystery of “Old Man Harlow”

This is the journey of three young boys who go on a quest to discover who Old Man Harlow is and how he will change their lives forever. This tale is a timeless adventure that is set during their summer vacation, and it involves treasure; unexpected dangers; and a friendship that will see them grow, develop, and understand the true nature of friendship, along with them becoming true junior detectives. There are twists, turns, and scary times ahead for these junior detectives. Will they survive the men chasing them? Will they find the treasure? Will they be able to avoid the traps that are waiting for them? This is a story that will have you up all night, either rooting for the detectives or cheering on the bad guys. Either way, you will have a great time reading and guessing what will happen next. This guarantees to be an exciting adventure that children of all ages will stand up and cheer for.

by Marquita Facen

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