The Miseducation of the Christian: A Quick Guide to the Manipulation of the Holy Bible

There is so much more to the Bible than what is consistently taught by churches and biblically based religious institutions around the world today. The Miseducation of the Christian is a small, yet thorough, peek at hundreds of verses that clearly show how religious leaders have manipulated the scripture to turn Christianity into a blasphemous tradition of the blind leading the blind.

• What is a good Christian according to the Bible?

• What does the Bible say about racism and feminism?

• Was the Old Testament law really done away with when Jesus was crucified?

• Are churches misusing the tithing system?

• How does God feel about you celebrating the traditional holidays of today?

• Are there contradictions in the Bible?

Throughout the pages of The Miseducation of the Christian, the author has included appropriate Bible verses to answer these questions and more. Regardless of your religious background or beliefs, this book is sure to broaden the biblical horizon of its readers as it displays a variety of controversial topics and verses that are avoided by today's religious educators.

by Victor Keith

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