The Morning After - The Fall of Man

Two hundred and fifty thousand years ago, freshly out of boot camp and eager to explore the galaxy, Jacob took his first mission to discover the reason why the alliance had lost contact with one of its member worlds: Earth.

Upon his team's arrival, a devastating virus had infected and killed nearly half the population within a day. However, that wasn't the problem. The bodies of those dead somehow reanimated, becoming a cannibalistic creature which threatened the very existence of earth and possibly the galaxy. After years of fighting the infected, the virus was destroyed, or so they thought.

A few hundred thousand years later, Jacob, now a general within the alliance military, has returned to earth, fearing that the virus they once thought destroyed might have returned.

While on leave visiting a small town in Northern Washington state, the virus mysteriously appeared without cause or warning; and like before, millions of humans died. Two states away from his subterranean outpost, Jacob is forced to deal with the situation and fight the hordes of the undead, revealing the truth to an unlikely band of human survivors. He escorts them back to the outpost as the dead are hungry, and not all humans they counter are friendly.

by Jason B. Kruse

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