The Music Played on

This is the sequel to The Right Music for Dancing, where Bob Richardson and his rock band, the Night Owls, find they must evolve with the times or get lost in the transition. Now in 1960, the band takes on a new look, along with the content of their music.Bob and Corey Madrigal, the iconic dramatic actress almost twice his age, find new meaning in their relationship. And social issues of the time are confronted and dealt with change in mind.Bob is still making motion pictures and appearing on Broadway, but his lifeblood is still playing, writing, and traveling to perform his music with the Night Owls.Within, there is happiness and great joy, disaster and conflict, fulfillment and satisfaction, and ultimately tragedy and death.Some must find their way in life, others must find their way to survive, and one will get lost along the way.

by Carol Soucie

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