The My Guy Club: The Chicago Machine, Mob. Teamsters and the Guv!

Follow the Squirrel through the tough gang infested Bungalow Belt neighborhoods of Chicago as a member of the Gaylords street gang. His appointment as a Precinct Captain in the legendary Mayor Richard J. Daley Cook County Regular Democratic Organization known as “The Machine” .His interactions while employed by the City of Chicago with coworkers that were members and associates of the Chicago Crime Syndicate in the infamous Department of Streets and Sanitation.His rise as a rank and file truck driver in The International Brotherhood of Teamsters to the position of Principal Officer/ Secretary Treasurer of the 5000 member I.B.T Local Union 726.While as the Principal Officer his experiences with Organized Crime figures and numerous powerful politicians.His support in the election of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters General Ron “The Reformer” Carey. Thereafter, the son of the legendary I.B.T. General President James R. Hoffa Sr., I.B.T. General President James P. Hoffa Jr.Explore his relationship with his boyhood friend Governor Rod Blagojevich and his involvement in Rod's election to the Illinois General Assembly, U.S. Congress and to Governorship of The State of Illinois.Blagojevich was eventually indicted on 24 counts by the Federal Government. The main count was the Quid Pro Quo charge that he had requested something of value in return for an appointment to the vacant U.S. Senatorial seat of Barack Obama upon his election as the 44th President of The United States. He was acquitted on all counts except for one. He was then quickly re- indicted on 20 counts and was convicted on 17 counts. After an appeal whereas, several charges were overturned he did not receive a reduction in his 14 year sentence. Eventually, he received after serving over 7 years of his sentence a long overdue pardon from President Donald Trump.“I believe that Rod received a raw deal in his conviction and severe sentencing for what was and has been considered the norm of “Political Horse Trading.” Even though it was never proven that he took a dime the jury convicted him for what was perceived to be unethical practices. In Memoriam of The Almighty Gaylord Brothers who were slain by rival gang members as a result of gang violence: Rest in Peace Almighty Gaylord Brothers Hillbilly Duke Lil Capp Harpo Tessie The Almighty Gaylord Creed When I Die Bury Me Deep With A 100 Latin Kings At My Feet, Lay A Shotgun Across My Chest, And Tell My Brother Gaylords I Did My Best!

by Daniel Stefanski

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