The Navajo Sign

Fate, time, and destiny have a way of balancing the scales set off-kilter by the actions of the greedy, whose desires are driven by a never satisfied lust to have more. Sky Tipio, a budding young Navajo artist living near Silver City, New Mexico, unwittingly uses ancient secret signs and symbols found in his grandparent's bedroom and weaves them into his latest painting. Unknown to him, these signs and symbols relate to the 160-year-old legend of the lost gold of the Sierra Estrella Mountains.

This seemingly inconsequential act of his sets into motion a chain of events that will ultimately take him and his grandfather, along with his older brother Naiche, deep into ancient tribal beliefs, customs, and mysteries. However, they will not be the only ones who are pulled into the depths of the legend, which serves as the trip wire to an explosive trek into tribal mysteries that are thousands of years old. Together they become voyagers on a trip into their ancestors' past, a past that may one day lead to man's future, not only here but also among the stars.


by D.B. Lawhon

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