The Pearl Drop Killer

Jackson Hole County is about to be woken up from its long unsympathetic past. Forensic Psychologist and Investigator T. K. Donovan returns to help his old partners and town when a new serial killer starts dumping young women's bodies. Fourteen young women have turned up dead in the Sherman's Forest, near the Sherman Estates, which now involves the old family with its dark scandals past. Donovan and the Jackson Hole Sheriff's department must follow the clues, which are nearly identical to a case of his father's, who worked it thirty years ago. But because of old biases and bigotry, as well as backward thinking, it had cost his Father his life and could cost him his too.

In the process, Donovan will dig into old family histories, secrets, and long-dead skeletons, at the same time, inquire into the current dark private sultry side of the community. Will he be able to solve the case before the Sheriff closes it as he did thirty years ago and save his daughters in the process? It could rock the town but, hopefully, not break it and, finally, bring it into the twenty-first century even if it does not want it.

by Joshua Quentin Hawk

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