The Private Life of Big Frank: Bodyguard to the Greatest of Gangster Rap

US Marine Frank Alexander parlayed a lifelong career in security to a job where he was handpicked to ensure the safety of hip-hop's elite. During that time, he was chosen to be Tupac's bodyguard, ultimately becoming one of the rapper's closest friends. Frank drove the vehicle that trailed Tupac's car that fatal night in Las Vegas when Tupac was murdered. He was the one that pulled the rapper's body from the bullet-riddled car before it was transported to the hospital. The events surrounding that night in Las Vegas changed Frank's life forever. This is the true story of Frank Alexander, the man who was born and raised on the tough streets of Chicago's South Side and who rose to become a championship bodybuilder, an adult devil dog, and a celebrity bodyguard. He also wrote a book and produced the movie “Before I Wake”. This story is told by Deborah Alexander, Frank's wife, who witnessed his suicide in their Southern California home. By telling his story, Deborah hopes to shed the light on the issues of depression, suicide, and post-traumatic stress disorder, which became her diagnosis following the horrific event she witnessed. On that day, she thought she crumbled. Here we are eight years later. She is a survivor.

by D. Alexander

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