The Promise Trail The Beginning: Henry Shanks - Gunfighter Vol. 1

The Promise Trail begins in the mid-1800s, with Henry Shanks being just sixteen. His curiosity of sidearms takes his interest in guns and their use even further. With the help of a few dime novels, Henry's mind was made up a bit before he turned fifteen. He worked several odd jobs to earn enough money to purchase the guns he longed for, a pair of guns that would mark him for life. His dedication to the guns and his ability to use them grew to a point of perfection almost daily until he was confident in himself and the guns. Time passed until he was ready to join the army and do his part for the confederacy. By the time he reached the rank of lieutenant, the war was over. He traveled west to find his mark and then met up with the judge who suggested he take jobs to help certain people out of trouble. Using his contact with the judge through the telegraph, Henry was able to move about as he pleased. He enjoyed his freedom after “the war” as he moved about the country side, meeting people good and bad in his travels.

by Lloyd Hallett

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