The Red River Stories

Join the five Harland cousins as they travel through time to a Comanche hunting camp, experience a buffalo hunt with two young Indians, celebrate a family Christmas in the 1960's, be caught in a dust storm with their grandfather (Pocky), see their fathers as children in the 80's, live through the blizzard of 1957, travel to Tinian Island with their Great Grandfather during World War ll, and travel to the Colorado Rockies and work the thoroughbred horse racing track in 1967 with their Nana. Theses stories are told by Pocky to his grandchildren over a span of seven years as they shared a summer getaway in the beautiful resort town of Red River, New Mexico nestled in the Sangre DeCristo mountains part of the Southern Range of the Rocky Mountains. This unique story-teller, lets you view events that are part of the history of his family's land and the cousins' ancestors.

by Fred Harland

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