The Regeneration

If you were to choose one superpower, what would you have? Super-speed? Super-strength? Flight? You know what I say to that? Basic. Blah! You know what I would have? Electrical manipulation, control over air and wind, fire manipulation, earth manipulation, sorcery (to name a few). All of those are on display in this book. Some powers may be more common than others. Just like the other heroes that possess these powers, our main character Arevin (Are-ĕ-vin) was sent to Earth from a planet called Hocus, home to the powerful Ariveinian Kingdom. The year is 2172, and Arevin was sent to Earth to make contact with the people after the construction of the first Martian colony, making the Earth a “class three civilization”. Arevin soon develops his basic powers and learns how to control them by protecting citizens and stopping crimes. That is, until Arevin encounters Joseph Green, aka Dark Nature, another super-powered person with the same skills and abilities…

Issac Verjan is a teenager who got a cool idea when he was still in elementary school. He put a short story idea into a series of Google Docs and starting developing from there. Isaac liked to draw his own characters, slowly developing them more and more and getting better at writing and drawing in the process. This idea came together after he wondered what would happen if you mixed the Sci-fi and Fantasy genres, and he ended up redeveloping the entire story along the way. He lives a decent middle-class life in America and is still finishing up high school. Being in school meant that this first book became difficult for Isaac to write, taking around three years to get to a point he was satisfied. His main concern was finding a publisher that would work with it without changing too much, and he eventually found the one that got things to where they are today.

by Isaac M. Verjan

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