The Reintegration Lessons in Love; The Road to Mastery: The Teachings of Danica, Master of the Spiritual Realm

This is a word-for-word record of divine communication between the author and God about the principles and proper application of forces of creation (the law of attraction) and the hazards of its misuse.A correct understanding of these principles is essential.If you've ever wondered why we can't seem to bring peace and abundance to our own lives and to the people of the world of earth and what we can do about it, the answers are in this book.The understanding and application of the principles here will usher in a new era of peace, love, health, and abundance for you, your family, and for humanity on earth into the future.Danica, a master of the spiritual realm, is here on a mission to educate humanity on earth about the principles of the forces of creation, the hazards of its misuse, and how not understanding the forces of creation (creating by default) has shaped our world.This book will teach people that are alive now how to take immediate control of their own lives, and it will do the same for people of generations yet to come.

by Daniel Joseph Plumley

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