The Secret of My Triumph over Evil, Chaos, and Pain

Héctor Rivera is a man who had everything: family, a successful business, and his health. His world was turned upside down when misguided business practices landed him in prison. Héctor struggled deeply as his world crumbled around him, but he found solace in the Bible and the power of God. This book follows the harrowing journey of Héctor as he struggles with the horrors of prison life, cancer, and even deportation. In jail, Héctor witnessed police brutality, deathly beatings, and was surrounded by deadly and contagious diseases. However, with the power of God, he overcame all these obstacles. Amid all the horror of that situation, Héctor built a deeper connection with God and has since committed to sharing the healing power of the Lord. With the help of his faith, Héctor was able to overcome every obstacle and rebuild his life stronger than before. In these times of unrest, injustice, and uncertainty, The Secret of My Triumph over Evil, Chaos, and Pain shows how God has the power to heal us and set us on the right path.

by Hector Rivera

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