The Secret of the Sand Castle

Imagine a place where dreams come true! With a young child's imagination and a touch of magic, a boy named Tony found such a place.Every summer, Tony and his family spend two months vacationing at their beach house. One special summer, however, stood out among the rest and life as Tony had known it would be changed.Tony's favorite pastime was building sandcastles by the water's edge. He would roam the beach in search of the perfect sand to build the strongest castles that a little boy could. Tony built plenty of castles, but one in particular had a secret hidden inside.This story illustrates how children use what is around them to show the world what their heart is in search of, even when they might not know it themselves.Tony didn't realize he was in search of a lifelong friend. He felt an absence of something in his life, but he wasn't sure what it was. Then on one ordinary vacation, Tony just happened to have created a very unordinary sandcastle. With this enchanting chain of events, it helped Tony express to his parents what was really in his heart.You will have to see what a little boy's imagination, mixed with his hidden desires, unlocks the secret of the sandcastle!

by Angela Wall

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