The Story of Kasper: The Cat That Jumped Into My Car

As I drove to work that Friday morning, I had no idea what was in store for me. My life was about to change forever from a chance encounter with a white kitten in an industrial park.

Meet Kasper, an adventurous and optimistic cat. Due to unknown circumstances, he becomes a stray in an industrial complex. As his situation becomes dire, he tries to save himself by jumping into random cars. After many tries, he finally finds the right person to take him to a forever home. However, it takes her a while to realize that Kasper is indeed home. She looks for someone to give him a good home until Kasper finally wins her over. Once he has her wrapped around his paw, Kasper continues to live an adventure-filled life. He is aided by his owner who falls completely under his spell.

Follow Kasper as he navigates his way through his new life. He makes many new friends, both animal and human. He gets into some tight spots, and then figures out how to get out of them. He thoroughly enjoys Christmas and warm places. He keeps order in the house and occasionally goes outdoors to ensure all is under control there as well. He loves a good party and won't allow himself to be kept away. And he makes sure that he never, ever runs out of kibbles.

Charming and heartwarming, the story of Kasper will leave you cheering for the little white cat that never gives up.

by Vickie Eiland

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