The Story of the Little Ant and the Big Bucket The Young Dreamers Collection

The Story of the Little Ant and the Big Bucket is a unique inspirational story that is stamped with knowledge and poetry.This story is about two ambitious poets who, through "Words of Art," inspired many to help bring peace that hasn't been seen in decades.Within the city of Dreamersville, individuals get together to host an annual Snap Show. RJ, the little ant, teamed up with his best friend, Hermit, in hopes of winning the Golden Notepad.Crosstown, where Hermit lived, was the most negative place in all of Dreamersville, a place that's filled with negative energy. Project A was a community that was governed by the Fisherman, who owned the Dock for decades. While the duo searched to find time to prepare for the upcoming event, multiple obstacles had appeared along the way. The little ant walked with positivity. He also understood that "unity is for all." RJ, was more than ever determined to correct any problems that occurred in his way, including the Fisherman.


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