The Strange Tale of Eegor, The Fleetwinged Filagreed Flyspecker, and His Virtual-Guided Tour through the Garden of Evil

This booklet describes the conflict between individual freedom (good) and collective force (evil). The author defines the Collective to be an assembly of elitists—people at the top of their fields in politics, academia, media, and the arts and sciences. Two characteristics define these elitists: greed and need—greed for never enough wealth and need for never enough power.Their prominence and prestige makes them feel entitled to rule. They write the laws and want sameness, obedience, and conformity. This flies in the face of the Bill of Rights which protects us from the government.Elitists have nothing but contempt for the individual. The group is everything. That belief makes it easier to rationalize murder. Likewise, elitists dismiss the Ten Commandments, the morality guide for millions. When “the end justify the means” is adopted by our leaders, morality goes away.Elitists reside in the Democrat Party and live on Hypocrisy Highway. Democrats used to speak for the average citizen. We have been betrayed. Democrats now wrap their arms around Marxism and one-world globalist government. Being good Marxists, they have become good liars, and they lie like sidewalks.How do we cope with this sickening realization? A healthy sense of skepticism is required. Let's borrow some advice from Peter Finley Dunn. A century ago, when asked who we can trust, he said (paraphrasing), “The answer to that question is simple. Trust everyone. But cut the cards.”

by John Condon

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