The Sulfur Pot

This narrative follows the life of the author from early childhood up until his late teenage years. Stories of nostalgic younger days are intermixed with family history, regional facts, bizarre events and other influences that developed into a faith in a higher power. Families and friends leave inspirational values that foster the growth to self fulfillment. There are times in life that you find you may feel alone and times you just want to be left alone. Being alone is not a bad thing when there are adventurous activities within the imagination to fill the time. Find something every day that makes you smile, for in humor there is no remorse no sorrow no regrets.

There will be some rainy days that come to all our lives. How you perceive the outcome is what counts. “After a pause of the summer rain, the sky turned this bright golden glow with a soft sweet smell that could have only been created by the Gods; A tranquil serene felling engulfs you as you soak up the peaceful seconds given. Absorbing these moments one can only think that the rapture must soon follow. This instant in time can only be seen if you are looking. Then the rain returns and you are left abandoned, again, but you feel good inside.” Barry R. Byers

by Barry R Byers

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