The Sundrakes: Book 1 Xetas

Petty lords battled each other across the land of Greater Xetas for a hundred weary years, sending seers and sages into short supply. Only ruins and myths remain of the peoples, places, and creatures that once filled it with magic and wonder. Even the meaning of the name of the land itself has been forgotten. Rife with warfare and small-mindedness, Xetas suffers for the deliverance of a hero.

Luthian, the young lord of House Rabbitfoot, wishes nothing more than to keep his people well. While fighting to bring peace to his own realm, his charisma and leadership draw both commoners and lords to his banner. Despite his lack of ambition, he deftly wields an attractive paradigm shift from aggression to mercy.

In the eyes of most, Luthian is in complete command of himself and others. Only his closest friends know that an entity of unknown origin, purpose, and alignment shadows him, gnawing at the young leader almost constantly. Only when peace is established does a figure emerge—a wizard possessed of great wisdom and power, who can shed light on this secret. This living myth introduces Luthian and his friends to a side of Greater Xetas that still retains some of the old magic and wonder that none of them knew existed.

Setting upon a quest to reveal the true nature of Luthian's haunt, will he and his companions solve the puzzle of the entity that has rattled him for years? Just how substantial is Luthian's hand in shaping the future of Greater Xetas?

by John A. Schultz

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