The Templar Armor: Bloodline

As commander of the Templar knights, Solomon De La More is summoned by the pope. He is the chosen one, the one to receive the blessing of God, to wield his power. The Templar Armor he wears can unleash great power against the dark unholy army set upon enslaving the world. Solomon and his fellow Templars must stand against true evil and what emerges from the depths of darkness. Can they live through the battle?

His bloodline must survive through the centuries to wear the armor.

Isaac Morrisson, his modern-day descendant, thrown into a world he never knew about, must come to grasp the situation that has once again risen. The armor, once hidden by Isaac's grandfather after World War II is needed again, and now Isaac must embark on the most important endeavor of his life—finding the armor. With the assistance of modern-day Templar knights aiding in his quest, can he come to realize the world now needs him?

by D.J. Carlson

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