The Thin Blue Haze

Senior Officer Ron Darby is on a fast track with the North Lakes Police Department. Physically fit and tactically astute with a street smart earned from years of being in the trenches, he is at the top of his law enforcement game. Yet on one routine night during one typical call on non-descript Kentwood Street, Darby's faith in his skills and beliefs is shattered. Forced to look inward (which cops hate) and acknowledge his failures (which cops fear), he struggles to makes sense of this senseless event. Darby's world crashes even further when a murderous plot against his family is launched by someone he would never expect as a result of that Kentwood call. His partners and friends are drawn into the chaos as everyone from North Lakes Chief of Police and even the city Mayor battle fears, egos, and deadlines to solve the horrific threat against the Darby family. The “routine call” that started one night on Kentwood Street finds its resolution months later in ways that astonishes Darby, the North Lakes Police Department, and even the usually quiet city of North Lakes itself.

by Mike Evans

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