The Undead City Ouroboros

Welcome to Ouroboros City, the city named after the pharmaceutical enterprise known as Ouroboros. It was full of people at one point in time; then, it is being filled with monsters. One day, something had happened in that city. No one knows if it was because something got out of Ouroboros's labs or if hell was full.Reports of a large bull, zombies, and other monsters roamed the streets. The validity of the claims of monsters, zombies, and a new virus is under speculation. The report of the military being called into the city after WASP's failed investigation into Ouroboros labs is only confirmed by satellite imaging. Although the absurdity of zombies is a thing of fiction, sources of what happened in the city can't be overlooked.With the accounts of WASP, scientists from Ouroboros, the military, and as well as other survivors, a clear understanding of the Ouroboros City accident can be made. With the sources of the many survivors of the accident, we were able to document what had happened there in those few days. What had happened in that city can finally be told, even though some stories could be lost to the darkness.Hopefully, any survivor could find closure within these pages while others can learn what may've happened in that city. May the city and those who had lost their lives there rest in peace.

by Daryn Bullock

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