The Untold Story of the Rejected Stone: Part One

This is an emotional, inspirational life story by me, Rose Addo, which started from a little village in the Adangbe District of Ghana, in West Africa, which is barely known to Ghanaians. There are horrible things no one should ever experience in life in this condition. I was born in that village. The depressions I have, the guinea worm disease I had, the rejections, the verbal and emotional and physical abuses, bullying since my childhood, and much more, the rape—these are things I'm still dealing with because it feels fresh in my heart, with the scars in my soul, though I'm sixty-three years old, and it's a miracle, a divine intervention, that I am counted among the living. Meanwhile, my mom went through this too, just a little bit compared to my situation, but she died in her early forties. And my favorite uncle, Odoi, who opened my eyes to the American dream, also died in his late teens, and it came to a point where I begged God to make me lose my memory, in order for me not to remember or feel pains, and then I asked him to take my life, because he gave it to me, since my pains are unbearable, but he declined my requests, and rather he keeps protecting me, and he gave me the spirit of endurance, and he made me fearless. And also he brought angels, in human form, to encourage me and to provide for me. And by the most high God, I, Rose, the rejected stone, am among the luckiest survivors, whose untold story will be shared with the world, to give them hope and to wait patiently on the Lord, that if he did it for me, then he will surely do it for them also, at his own time.

by Rose Addo

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