The War of Magic: Sacrificing everything is the only way to victory

In the medieval times, a global kingdom known as the kingdom of Elyenia ruled through fear and control. The people all trust in the kingdom with no other choice as they control much of everything. In hiding, sorcerers who are unknown to many and were told to not exist are being hunted and killed off. One of the last sorceresses, Lady Aluvial, manages to escape in hopes of going into exile instead of fighting against the kingdom. But things change when she comes across a group of child soldiers who are forced to fight for the kingdom against their will. Learning about the child soldiers, Lady Aluvial realizes that the child soldiers are not free but controlled. After accepting them, the choice of going into exile is rather distant. Instead, a journey is set before the child soldiers—one that goes against everything they have been taught to believe. An impossible task at hand to stand up against the kingdom that has taken over all they have known. It would be a fight for peace and the freedom of the people. They are unaware of what the future holds for them. Their fate has been chosen. Lady Aluvial gives them a gift of magic and sets them forth to make the choice to be free.

by Anth Dee

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