The World of Chubby Cub

The first day of spring arrives and the Bear family plans to celebrate. Mutti, the mother bear, prepares a special breakfast for her bear family, Papa, Chubby Cub, and his twin brother Pudgy. The day is glorious and all abuzz with the busy sounds of birds and bees. But Chubby hears a new sound out his window, unfamiliar to him. Determined to identify this mysterious sound, he sets about investigating the forest outside his family home. Searching high and low, Chubby looks everywhere without success. Finally, the curious cub locates the fluttering-flapping noise coming from a patch of grass. What is this creature that makes this noise? And what problem does Chubby encounter upon his new discovery? Join Chubby Cub as he explores his fresh new world and discovers the meaning of friendship on this first day of spring.

by Jilly Kaye

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